Using Matlab with Mujoco Pro - Socket?

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  1. I am trying to use mjvive.cpp as my server and my matlab file as the client, to send input (EMG streams) from Matlab to Mujoco to control the virtual arm (the model typically used in Haptix) via EMG. I am currently attempting to create a socket between Matlab (myomex) and Mujoco Pro (mjvive.cpp) for this sending of data but am unsure how to proceed. I was wondering if you'd have any examples or advice regarding this and whether or not a Matlab feature was ever incorporated with Mujoco? I greatly appreciate any help.

    I got it working.
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  2. Emo Todorov

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    The MuJoCo 2.0 release has a MATLAB example in the Windows version. It is a native mex though, not a socket.
  3. Can you share how you got it working? I'm interested in the same (am on a Mac).