Universal Robots UR5 + Robotiq S Model 3 Finger Gripper 1.31

UR5 gripper 3 finger universal robots

  1. Andrea Franceschetti
    This MuJoCo model has been created by Control Engineering Master's Student

    Andrea Franceschetti
    @Intelligent Autonomous Systems (IASLAB) Robotics Research Group
    University of Padova
    Department of Information Engineering (DEI)

    Model includes:
    • Universal Robots UR5: 6 DOF collaborative robotic arm with max 5kg payload
    • Robotiq S model 3 Finger Gripper: 4 DOF underactuated gripper
    • Mounting Bench
    Model created on MuJoCo Pro v1.31

    The whole robot is torque controlled but are also available position and velocity control/actuators.
    Force sensors are available at the gripper's phalanges for pressure feedback.
    The gripper underactuated system of hinges and bars has been replaced with tendon couplings for semplicity.


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  1. inksci
    Version: 1.31
    Where or how can I find the model of Universal Robots UR3? Thanks a lot!
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    Rafael Beirigo
    Version: 1.31